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What's the Scoop? Candidate Meet and Greet

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

FREE to attend and OPEN to EVERYONE!

The primary election is where most of this year's election winners will be determined, so we invite everyone to meet the Republican candidates!

As of July 10th - We have 40+ candidates that will be in attendance! Listed below.

What's the Scoop? Candidate Meet and Greet!

Federal, State, County, and City candidates will be in attendance. Come get a scoop of ice cream, mingle, and meet your candidates. We will also be holding a small silent auction and selling our Big Scary Gun raffle tickets. Campaign signs for most candidates will also be available.

Wednesday, July 13th at 6pm - 8pm

Expedition Island Pavilion

475 South 2nd East in Green River

REGISTER HERE (just to help us know how many will be in attendance).

Sponsors who will be in attendance:

Harriet Hageman - United States Representative Candidate

Brent Bien - Wyoming State Governor Candidate

Mark Armstrong - Wyoming Secretary of State Candidate

Tara Nethercott - Wyoming Secretary of State Candidate

Megan Degenfelder - Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction Candidate

Chris Davis - Sweetwater County Commissioner Candidate

Roy Lloyd - Sweetwater County Commissioner Candidate

Lester "Les" Mauch - Sweetwater County Commissioner Candidate

Jeff Ramaj - Sweetwater County Commissioner Candidate

Island Richards - Sweetwater County Commissioner Candidate

Robb Slaughter - Sweetwater County Commissioner Candidate

Jeffrey Smith - Sweetwater County Commissioner Candidate

Keaton West - Sweetwater County Commissioner Candidate

John Grossnickle - Sweetwater County Sheriff Candidate

Dwane Pacheco - Sweetwater County Sheriff Candidate

Anita Frey - Sweetwater County Clerk Candidate

Cindy Lane - Sweetwater County Clerk Candidate

Stephen Allen - Sweetwater County Treasurer Candidate

Mark Cowan - Sweetwater County Treasurer Candidate

Tony Yerkovich - Sweetwater County Treasurer Candidate

Perri Rubeck - Sweetwater County Assessor Candidate

DonnaLee Bobak - Sweetwater County Clerk of District Court Candidate

Annette Eychner - Sweetwater County Clerk of District Court Candidate

Tom James - Senate District 13 Candidate

Stacy Jones- Senate District 13 Candidate

JT Larson - House District 17 Candidate

Scott Heiner - House District 18 Candidate

Cody Wylie - House District 39 Candidate

Bob Davis - House District 47 Candidate

Clyde Johnson - House District 47 Candidate

Jennifer James - House District 60 Candidate

Tony Niemiec - House District 60 Candidate

Matt Jackman - Rock Springs Mayoral Candidate

Wally Johnson - Rock Springs Mayoral Candidate

Max Mickelson - Rock Springs Mayoral Candidate

Kathy Phelps - Rock Springs Mayoral Candidate

Eric Bingham - Rock Springs City Council Candidate

Jon Fernandez - Green River City Council Candidate

Will be in attendance, but is not a sponsor:

Robyn Belinskey - United States Representative Candidate

Curt Meier - Wyoming State Treasurer Candidate

Thomas Kelly - Wyoming State Superintendent of Public Instruction Candidate

Chuck Gray - Wyoming Secretary of State Candidate

Paid for by the SweetwaterGOP. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.

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